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Event info

Guatemalan National Champinship Open 2019

Flying site

with wind from Nort El Durazno, Rabinal, Baja Verapaz Guatemala N 15° 3.06000' , W 90° 31.13400'

with wind from south, El Carnero, Salama, Baja Verapaz, Guatemala N 15° 10.18800' , W 90° 17.77200'


Selection and entry fee

US$ 20.00

Prize fund and scoring categories

General schedule

Daily schedule

6:45am entrega de Tickets de alimentación
7:00am Breakfast / Desayuno
8:00am Lunch packs delivered / Entrega de Lunch Pack e Hidratantes
9:00am Transport to take off / Salida de Transporte rumbo al Rampa, El Durazno
10:00 Task comitee meeting / Comite de prueba
10:30 Briefing
11:30 Open Window
5:00pm Scoring office opens / Recepción de Tracks
5:30pm Dinner / Almuerzo/Cena
7:45pm Scoring office closes / Finalización de Recepción de tracks
8:00 provisional results / resultados provisionales

Accommodation and Activities

The accomodations will be in Hotel Lillys Inn, this will be provided to all athletes by the organizers. Also breakfast and dinner will be provided to all pilots.
All transport of gliders and pilots from HQ to launch and retrieval will be provided by the organizers.

How to get here

Salamá, Guatemala
Baja Verapaz GT




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